Personal Narrative: Moving To The Big Apple

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Growing up in the Sunshine State then moving to the Big Apple was quite the challenge for an 11-year-old girl. With the loss of our house and mothers job we were devastated. Remembering the moment my mother sat my sister and I down after school and asked us if we wanted to move was jaw dropping. Although we both knew that it wasn 't really a question but a statement, a statement that I liked. Hardships followed when we came to realize living in New York specifically Long Island is really hard to pull off when you are raised by a single mother. Times were tough but I knew that somehow we could make it. Being introduced into a new school is difficult for a kid. Especially in the middle of middle school when everybody knew everybody already. Well it doesn 't matter because I wasn 't a normal kid anyways. Our house…show more content…
By this time it was high school junior year. I had gotten a better job, that paid more so I can help pay more bills. Now I 'm not saying all I did was work and go to school, I went out, had fun made friends,and strong connections with people who could last a lifetime.That 's just all part of growing up, you meet people with similar interests they make you open up and become the person that 's hiding within you. All this basically halted, when my whole life I 've thought I 've just been getting random migraines became something more. Through my years of school I suffered through this pain until I couldn 't take it any longer. I went through countless doctors different diagnosis until we discovered what was causing these issues. I was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, which is pressure on the base of the brain that blocks cerebrospinal fluid to and from the brain. The only treatment known was surgery, that removes bone to release the pressure on the brain. I struggled my way through school till summer for the surgery. The stress it put on me was unbearable as I was trying to get through finals week, but I made it through with the support of my family
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