Personal Narrative: Moving To The Right Place

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Moving to the Right Place When I was born my siblings were 10, 13, and 16. Being so far apart in age caused my life to be very different than that of my siblings. Before I knew it everyone was doing their own thing, going off to college and getting married. My parents divorced when two, so it was just me and my Mom. We ended up moving around a lot. Growing up I never really had a place I thought of as my hometown, but in the end I feel I have ended up where I am supposed to be. I was born in Brownwood, Texas, but after my parents divorced we moved to Quinlan, Texas. My oldest brother moved to Utah for college, and my sister got married the same year. So it was just me, Mom, and my other brother who was starting high school. We lived…show more content…
I found it hard to fit it and always felt like the new kid. When people would ask where I was from I never really knew how to answer the question. I lived in Paris the longest, but never really liked it there. I struggled in school there, and didn’t feel like I fit in. My Mom started home schooling at the beginning of high school, which I felt even further excluded me from my peers. I did have friends I liked to do things with which was good. One night when I was sixteen I has hanging out with my next door neighbor and his girlfriend and her friend came over. This was the night my life was forever changed. Her friend, Blaire, is now my wife. We clicked right away and spent most of the night talking to each other. I was so excited that I went and woke up my Mom to tell her I had meet the most amazing girl. At the time Blaire was in high school. She took me to the prom and I went to the football games to watch her march in the band.
I was lucky meeting my wife when I did, and we have been together for sixteen years now. After moving around my whole life I feel like I ended up exactly where I was supposed to
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