Personal Narrative: Moving To Washington For Work

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Tish, I went to go watch finding dory and it brought back a lot of memories. I lost your number when I transfered my data on my phone but I just wanted to tell you that I 'm sorry. I 'm sorry that I didn 't communicate as much as I should have. For not showing you how much I cared about you. It was the little things that matter most that I didn 't show. But I did care about you a lot. The reason I broke up was because I was moving to Washington for work. It was selfish of me to not include you in that decision but I couldn 't ask for you to be with me if I was in washington for 2-3years. It wouldn 't be fair to you. I know I hurt you and as good as an opportunity it is for my career I will allows have to live with the choice I made. There

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