Personal Narrative: Mr. Gronewold

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Teachers The teachers liked at the beginning of the year and the ones I like now are totally different. Mr. Gronewold I’ve always been close with because of being a wrestling manager. Mr. Belkin I thought I would be his favorite because he is really close with my brother and I’ve known him since kindergarten. Mr. Knights I hated at the beginning of the year, but I realized he wasn’t that bad. Ms. Hageman I thought was okay and we’ve had our ups and downs. Some teacher could be the best people you will ever meet and some can be the worst.
Last year I was a wrestling manager and I met Mr. Gronewold. Latter on I learned that my dad’s girlfriend was his aunt so now when I go to Christmas and Thanksgiving with them I see him there. At the beginning of they I was already his favorite. I was a wrestling manager again this year and he asked me to be a track manager so I helped him out with a lot of things. Gronewold has been kinda mean toward the end of the year which is my grades fault. I’m really going to miss mr Gronewold next year because he won’t be at the middle school next year.
Mr Belken I can still remember the first time i met Mr belken my brother had orientation for fourth grade and I was going to be in kindergarten, I remember he had sharks all over his room and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. At
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Next year I don’t want to procrastinate at all I want to get all my homework turned in on time with my best work. I want to have all A’s and maybe some B’s and a GPA no lower than 3.0. The most important thing I want to do is not judge teachers the ones that might look the coolest could total jerks and the ones who look really boring could be the best teacher I’ll ever meet. I hope in high school that I am a really good student and that the people in my grade actually start trying in school because I don’t want any more disappointed

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