Personal Narrative: Mrs. Shoemaker As A Role Model

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My first and second grade teacher Mrs. Shoemaker has been one of my biggest role models in my life. It wasn’t necessarily the math, science, history, or English that she taught us that made me look up to her although she taught us those very well. Her character is what stood out most of all. Mrs. Shoemaker was very good at one on one contact with my classmates and I. In a fairly good size classroom, she made each of us feel like we belonged and that we were all she cared about. For many children it is important for them to have one on one contact with the teacher so the teacher can nurture them in a way that fits their needs more specifically. Mrs. Shoemaker also made each subject more interesting and exciting to learn. From her different funny voice, she would use, to the songs we would come up with as a class to memorize things, all the field trips she took us on, and class outside. From an early age I learned that learning is fun.…show more content…
Shoemaker showed each of her students a picture of God. She never yelled at us or lost her temper she is one of the most patient people I know. When we wen to her after a bad day telling her all about it she would listen intently even though our little kid problems were microscopic compared to the adult problems she was experiencing. Mrs. Shoemaker taught me that forming a nurturing relationship with students is essential in being a good teacher. When a teacher is nurturing children are more open to learning. Children are also taught through a nurturing teacher good character through their

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