Personal Narrative: Ms. Pointy

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It has been the longest 7 years, 7 weeks, 7 days, 7 hours, 6 minutes, and 23 seconds of my life! It has been this long exactly since the last time I saw Ms. Pointy, and I think I will eventually go crazy if I don’t see her sometime soon. Ms. Pointy just happens to be my most favored teacher of all time. I had her in my second year of fifth grade-the first year I have ever been held back in school. I looked out my window desperately and deep in thought. When am I ever going to see her again? I pondered and pondered to that question flipping and tossing it in my brain. I finally concluded with, I could write her a letter but, who knows where in the world she lives. I stared out the window as if it were a television and the most interesting show in our vulnerable little world was on right in front of me, when really I just saw the delicacies of nature. Red, orange, maroon, and golden leaves swirled in the light breeze as if they were all joining in a big game of tag. They floated upward and drifted down slowly nudging one another and repeating the process until the wind would soon die down. When the leaves would become steady and the clouds in the skies would seem to stop moving.
All I needed to see Ms. Pointy again was
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Over the hills and through the sea, up a mountain, and all the way to Jupiter. All I want is that little miracle that will grant my wish, my only wish of seeing Ms. Pointy again. In my mind I watched the leaves swirl and play tag, and fly up and down. They came close to my window and then suddenly I was outside with them to. I watched with immense curious attention as the swirling leaves slowly turned into swirling bright tiny stars. They were miracles! I ran to them and swatted and tried to catch one, at least one in the brisk air of autumn. But, when I reached out for one they all slipped away from our universe into an infinite abyss of a forever black night and tiny specks of
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