Personal Narrative: Mudlark Family

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I have these two freinds that are brothers. one is 14 and the other is 17. then there is me and my brother 15 and 14. me and my brother met them when we joined Mudlark Theatre. we all have grown up together for 4 years now and they are like our brothers. we all are into acting mainly me and them not my brother as much anymore. they come over every weekend and spend the night since they live in evanston and we hang out and do a bunch of driffrent stuff. one memory i have with them was recently they were over. and they younger one Leo was dropping his brother Bens phone on the ground from a foot above the ground saying hes gonna break it as a joke. Then ben gets up and chases him around and then gets ahold of his phone and chucks it at the ground which was carpet and shatters the entire phone. one of the funniest things that has ever…show more content…
I dont know where id be without ben and Leo and the People at Mudlark Theatre. without my dad doing their dads taxes i would have never found Mudlark and become freinds with them. they are so likeable because its the 4 of us always together who all share the same intrest and hobbies and the memories we have together are some of the best. from flipping outside of the trampoline to yelling from the bleachers to a brewers player for taking steroids. they are like frances to me because even though we dont go to the same school or live in the same city we treasure the times together and have the best time ever. one late night we pranked our parents becasue we got theis offer from dominos for a free small pizza so a dominos came ot the door and we ate a pizza. the prank part was they didnt know. it wasnt a prank really but we wanted pizza. overall they are my best freinds and even though theyve only been apart of my life for 4 years it feels like forver witht hte memories we
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