Personal Narrative: Multiple Traumatic Brain Injury

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Over the past four years I have seen more doctors than an average person will see in a lifetime. From endocrinologists to neurosurgeons, I have tirelessly sought medical treatment for multiple traumatic brain injuries I incurred at a young age. Through my personal struggle I learned that there is no adequate treatments for concussions and traumatic brain injuries in the State of New Mexico. Although the lack of these services forced me to seek treatment outside my community, it has become my main motivation to return to my community and share the knowledge I have been fortunate to receive through these many experiences. At the age of fourteen, I was the unfortunate recipient of four traumatic brain injuries, within a six-month time frame, that would result in a diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome. The effects from having multiple traumatic brain injuries caused chronic headaches, vision problems, and body fatigue. The symptoms of post-concussive syndrome also began to have a significant impact on my education. Activities such as reading, completing homework assignments, and keeping my attention in class became increasingly difficult. The most unexpected aspect of living with this syndrome was that I could no longer play sports and the…show more content…
At the suggestion of one of my high school coaches, I began constructing a website that would eventually become a resource for other young people that suffered from post-concussive syndrome. After my website was featured in a local New Mexico magazine, I was invited to present at the annual New Mexico High School Coaches Clinic. I also began reaching out to other parents and young athletes by sharing information about my case, and the challenges which accompanied it, at the annual YAFL

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