Personal Narrative: Murky Waters

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For fifteen years, I put my heart, effort, and soul into my band Murky Waters. I made it into a career that supports my wife, my stepdaughter, and my parents. Murky Waters is what saved my family and me from poverty in the ghetto of Warsaw, Poland, and it’s what saved me from giving up on life entirely before I met my wife. I met her only a year after Murky Waters began and she was introduced to me by my best friend and drummer, Tony. Anka was two months pregnant with my stepdaughter, Antonia, at the time we met. When I fell in love with Anka after a couple months of hanging out after Murky Waters shows, I knew I wanted to support her and Antonia for the rest of my life. I was broke, an alcoholic, and had no idea how to raise a family, so I forced myself to figure it out and pretend that I had everything under control. Anka, the band, Antonia, and I…show more content…
I would’ve been able to enjoy the height of my success and the journey if I wouldn 't have been a drunk and a pot head the entire time. Fifteen years of being with the band, and I swear most of it is a blur. I can’t remember how Murky Waters got big or exactly when we got big, and I never cared how up until now. I never took the time to take pride in anything, except for Antonia. I’m grateful for the success of Murky Waters, but I wish I would’ve handled the band differently and cleanly.

The glamorous life of being in a Metal band was always something I wanted ever since my older brother played in bands in high school. He made being in a Metal band so appealing and carefree. I was fed up with worrying about my family’s financial problems and I wanted to rise above the darkness and pain. So I gave it my all to make Murky Waters happen, and god did it become successful. After three years of playing Polish club shows and opening for
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