Personal Narrative: My 8th Grade Trip To Washington

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I will never forget my 8th grade trip to Washington DC. One of my most profound memories was meeting Congressman John Lewis. When I was first informed about the upcoming consultation, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I was going to have the opportunity of listening to such a well known person’s inspiring story. After going to many museums on the second day of the trip, we finally made our way on the bus to the Cannon House Office Building, right across from the US capitol. I walked up the stairs of the building, admiring it’s beautiful architecture. A bunch of my friends and I joked around about how we would “kill” to live here - what it would be like to get lost in your house. The floor was marble, while the columns on the building…show more content…
They were many black and white pictures of John Lewis next to many famous people including Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, etc. We had to squeeze in real tight to make sure everyone fit, the students sat on the floor, while the teachers and adults sat on chairs. Lewis’s assistant gave us the “run-down” of what was going to happen. She asked us where we were from from and let us ask her any questions we had. We were all very shy and didn’t know what to say so that didn’t last very long. Finally, John Lewis arrived. He is very short and tiny, but is a very loud and empowering speaker. He began telling us a story about his background, how he was living a normal life just like us. He was very amusing, making jokes to keep our attention. He then started talking about his dark past, but how he overcame it. He talked about being attacked physically and emotionally because of his skin color. But, that didn’t stop him. He still protested even though he was thrown into jail more than 20 times. It was incredible. This made me wonder about what I could do. I’m very fortunate about the life that I was blessed with. I’m extremely lucky to go to a school with so many people that support me, I have so many people who want me to succeed and be happy. John Lewis did something important with his life even though he had the risk of dying. He wanted to impact the
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