Personal Narrative: Running Fast

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I first found out of my ability to run fast was in elementary school racing my friends during recess. My friends and I would race a lot, it was one thing we liked to do other than play football. I would race and half the time I would win because I had some fast friends. I’ve always loved running, I still do now. When it came to running I gave it my all fastest that I could give. I never knew why I loved to run. I guess now that I think about it, running has been a reliever me, taking me into a different place. Every time I get an opportunity I go on a run. Running around Norman enjoying the outdoors. Seventh grade of middle school I was able to join track. I was excited to go run and race kids around the same age as me. At the same time I was nervous because didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what events I would be put in and if I was fast enough. I knew I was fast racing against my friends but I didn’t know if I would be with kids from other schools. All I knew was how to race at recess. Weeks of practice go by and my first track meet was coming up the next…show more content…
I had felt my legs start to tighten up but I had saw the runners get closer to me. I had pushed for another kick and it had help I saw them struggling trying to keep up slowly drifting behind. Ran through the finish line and I had won first! I ran right off the track towards my coach, “55 you PRed!” I had won, ran my fastest time that season and made the alternate for the 4x4. Winning the race freshman year was a great accomplishment for me. I showed myself how great of a runner I was. If I put in all the hard work I can get myself far and fast. I have many situations like this, the reason why I chose this one event was ,because this race was one of the first. If it was not for this race to motivate me i would not have stories similar to this one. I run because I love the feeling I get from it, for me running is
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