Personal Narrative: My Accomplishments Of A National Honor Society

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In life, failures sometimes happen. It happens to everyone. However, failures don’t define us as a person, but it builds you as one from those experiences. In my seventeen years, I have experienced my own share of blunders, each teaching me a new lesson. The person who succeeds without first failing hasn't really learned anything; in failures, there can be a learning experience and an opportunity to grow. At my high school, there was a National Honor Society organization. It caught my attention because I’ve always wanted to be a part of this organization. So I tried to grab the opportunity. Unfortunately when applying for NHS I couldn't get in because I didn't meet their requirement which was a 90 GPA. I told a teacher that I will try to improve my grades and begged her to accept me. She told me it was unrealistic. That devastated me. I couldn't get in because of my grades. In a way that opened my eyes and it helped me realized if you want something in life you have to work for it. So I did. From junior year, I was inspired to take on other initiatives. Even though my confidence was low at this point, I pushed myself…show more content…
Although I couldn't get in NHS because it was already mid-year, I still can consider myself a satisfied person. There’s a whole big world around me, and a road of life before me. I will put all my efforts to follow this road and to achieve the best I can for my future. There’s no doubt that being young is difficult. Your emotions are all over the place and it's a constant battle at times. But eventually you look back on it and realize all you go through makes you who you are today and doesn't defeat you, but it strengthens you. Our failures make us stronger because we learn and grow from them. Failures are valuable because it gives a person more wisdom and can promote self-discovery. I discovered how hard I can work and what my potential was, academically and in my personal
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