Personal Narrative: My Ad Failure In Terms Of Success

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Evaluation: In terms of success, I would say that I have both succeeded ad failed my experiment. My success was determined by my ability to reach my goal weight of 195 pounds. However, I failed when it came to following my scientific thesis of only intaking 2440 calories. My success and failures were caused by some predicted and unforeseen events.
1. Success First, I will describe my success. This experiment started off with my body weight at 190 pounds. At the end of this experiment, my body weight fluctuates between 195-200 pounds. I bulked at a slow and steady rate while eating mostly healthy foods and drinking a lot of water. My ability to be successful in this goal was mostly due to two reasons: having a set meal preparation, and planning my day around foreseen obstacles. As you can see in Figure 1 (pg. 8), my meal consisted of items easily replicated throughout the month. Although I did not eat the exact same thing every single day, most of these items were my staple foods throughout this experiment. I found that these food provided me with the most calories, nutrients, and preferred
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Experiments do change after trial and error, and this is what I experienced. After a couple of weeks of eating around 2440 calories, (Example of these meals are shown by Figure 2 (pg. 9)) I found that I was not full and that my body felt like it needed more. Upon further inspection, I found that my consistent working out made my body have more energy output than input. Because of this, I had one day where I ate until I felt full and decided to continue with this number instead of 2440. As shown in Figure 1, I chose to stay around 3000+ calories. After the next 2 weeks, I saw a gain much more impressive than the first 2 weeks. I gained about 0.5 pounds after the first week and only 0.2 on the second. After increasing my input to 3000+, I increased 3 pounds after 2

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