Personal Narrative: My Adventure Of A Lifetime

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Adventure of a Lifetime
My heart was thumping in fear as our adventure guide instructed our group on how to rappel down a waterfall and zipline. The more he spoke, the more it seemed to me that he was out of his mind. How did he expect us to descend down a waterfall with such ease? As our guide droned on, I could feel my concentration slipping. Fear and dread consumed me; a stark contrast to the steady sound of the running waterfall, which was music to my ears. I wasn’t anxious about the ziplining portion, as I had participated in it when I traveled to Thailand two years ago. However, rappelling was completely foreign to me. Harnessed, clipped and ready to go, I felt the tropical weather of Costa Rica in full effect around me. The earthy scent of crisp, fresh air; a nut-brown forest surrounding the crystal clear water gushing over the basalt rock. The climate was particularly satisfying, as we had arrived in Costa Rica at the ideal time of mid November. As I was preparing to go down, I saw some of my friends at the bottom of the waterfall. I was much higher than I thought. I could feel a sinking feeling in my stomach as my fear of heights kicked in.
“Come on Ahmed, you can do this man!” my friends hollered while waving joyfully. The guide let go of me in an instant, and I was off in my first rappelling experience. An exhilarating adventure was awaiting. As I was trudging down the jagged rock, I was encouraging myself on, not daring to look down. As soon as I seemed to get
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