Personal Narrative: My Air Force Vision Statement

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During the course of my Noncommissioned Officer Academy course I have learned numerous terms, and theories that can assist me in doing my part to make the Air Force better. My vision statement is: Utilizing the correct tone as a team leader to inspire flexibility during conflict, and negotiations to optimize continuous improvement. Over the next 3 to 5 years, I believe that working towards this statement will cause a ripple effect among my airmen, and shape the future leaders of our Air Force. This will enable those I led to be more receptive to create change while maintaining relationships. Additionally, to achieve this goal relies on my ability to apply my vision because this plan will not happen overnight.
Currently, I perceive myself as a leader that has focused primarily on expert power. The style of leadership that I used varies depending on the circumstance, and as expected I get mixed reviews on how effective those styles are. I would like to be viewed as a problem solver that can maintain, and build positive relationships. Now is the perfect time in my career to consider what footprint I will leave behind, because I have 8 years before I am eligible for retirement. With that said, the below
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As it stands, my connection powers are limited because I do not use the correct conflict style and tone of voice during negotiations. This not only complicates my team dynamics, but also damages my ability to build bonds that benefit the mission. In future negotiations, I plan to hear the interest of the other party more than their position. From there, I can move to fuse the outlook of both parties to meet both our interests. Although correcting my conflict style is my first my solution, the next step is to challenge myself to teach the lessons I learn to my junior
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