Personal Narrative: My Amazing Spring Break

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Who had an amazing spring break? I know I did. It's probably the best one out of all my spring breaks. I went many places with my family and friends. Some places were very interesting and one place I loved the most but HURT ALOT!!

I started my spring break on a sunny vibrant Friday, I had a baseball game that day and the next and the next days also. Yeah, A LOT of baseball. Friday I only had one game, Saturday I had 2 games and then Sunday I had 3 games. We won all of our games till the end which was the championship. The championship was a really tough and competitive game against a team called ELITE Squad South. They are probably in the top 5 out of all the amazingly talented teams in 14 and under. First inning we were losing 0-3. Then in the second inning it was 2-3. It stayed 2-3 till the last inning were we went up 1 run. So we were up 4-3 and then they scored 4-4 in the 6st inning. It stayed like this for 2 more innings. The 8th inning we had runners on 2nd and 1st base. Our runners steal the bases. The one stealing to third base almost got out but the catcher threw the ball wrong and we scored the winning
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Well all I did Monday was play video games with my brother and friends, watch TV and sleep which I did most of the time. Let's just move on to better…show more content…
That morning there were noisy small birds chirping and very bright colored flowers blossoming. We got up from our beds and got dressed to got to my aunt's house because yearly she has an Easter party and invites the whole family. We all get together and play inside of this huge inflatable bounce house/ water slide. We had fun there just throwing ourselves from the top of the bounce house. Then I got tired and went to walk the dog for my uncle. When I came back from walking the dog almost everybody was ready to leave the party. So when we finally left I got home and went straight to bed. I was dead
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