Personal Narrative: My American Dream

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The American Dream My American Dream will come true because it is so easy to achieve. You want to know about it? Its really interesting and you probably can achieve it to. Its self comfort and happiness with yourself. If I'm not happy with myself in the future than I am not living my American Dream. The American Dream is to have a well paying job, have a family, nice house, and to be able to do what you want with your time and money. With this day in age that almost only seems like a Dream. With my American Dream some of these aspects are present but not all of mine. My dream I feel is shared with Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “To me, the democratic system represents man’s best and brightest hope of self-fulfillment, of a life rich in promise…show more content…
My family that my future self will have I hope will be in a happy state and with a smokin’ hot wife of course. My time will be cut evenly with time for family, myself, and work. If my time isn't spent with the people I love then I am wasting my time. And everyone should spend some amount of time with the people they love or else they will just work themselves to a really stressful amount. The similarities with my Dream and the basic American Dream are the family and part of having a job able to support your family. The differences are that I need happiness in my life and that my life won’t be spent working everyday for 26-34 years not watching my offspring grow up and causing marital problems because i'm never free to show my wife attention or to spend time with my kids. I feel that people just let their dreams take away from the actual needs your mental state need which is happiness. The American Dream is whatever you make of it. For some it is to move here from another country and make a new legacy for your future generations to live instead of your country whether it be for religious needs or maybe government change due to unhappy living conditions. The thing that makes the American Dream what it is, is the passion and commitment of those that live their American

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