Personal Narrative: My American Dream Tapestry

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Hernandez 1 My American Dream Tapestry A child, the most innocent and most brightest creatures of us all. Never having a care in the world but always looking for laughter, hope, and fun. As a kid we have many friends, all of us sharing the same desire, happiness. As we get older we start to discover who we are as a person and figuring out what we want. In that process we lose friends, not because we don’t like them anymore but we both are different people with different desires. However no matter how old we are there is one desire all mankind seek, and that’s acceptance. Acceptance towards my likes and dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses, my religion and values, accepting the fact that no matter what color my skin is, i am just like you, human. It’s funny looking back at my life, especially of the person i used to be. At the time never realizing that i was doing what i fear others will do to me. I was judging people on the color of their skin, and being stereotypical towards many races. It was not my intention to act this way, but it was how i was raised. Not by my parents of course but by my enviroment, especially the schools i attended. I used to attend Mountain View the “greatest” school in the state, they said they were a school of hard working, diverse people. So why did i feel so out of place, the feeling that my peers and even my teachers didn’t accept me because i am hispanic and my skin color is brown. And because my skin color is brown i don’t know…show more content…
Thinking that i know exactly what kind of person they are based on their skin color and excluding certain people because i chose to judge them by their looks instead of trying to understand them, to get to know them. So i implore you to change, change the way society treats others based on looks, because remember we’re all humans and deserve to be treated with respect no matter
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