Personal Narrative: My American Suburban Life

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Before I achieved victory in becoming the person to earn riches and to eradicate the humanoids, it was a normal American Suburban Life for me. I was a middle class kid who went to a private school, got good grades, had lots of friend and well, was an all american boy.

I have brown hair, black eyes, average height, about 140 pounds and was in high school, sophomore and I guess you can say fit. Anyway...

I was at home watching TV with my little sis, Jennifer. We were watching a marthon of "Survival of the Dead." She was sitting right next to me, with the popcorn. We ate and watched cheerfully. Then we ran out.

"I 'm going to pop some more, you want some?" I said.

"Sure!" she responds.

I walk to the kitchen put the popcorn in the microwave
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