Personal Narrative: My Amnesia Of A Dreamer

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So Gavin was having his 13th birthday party soon, and of course his whole “squad” was invited. That night Tatum and I were having a sleepover, throughout the night the boys kept prankcalling us. It was kinda funny, they were trying to use different voices so that we didn’t know it was them. But we knew everytime, we just didn’t tell them. We went to bed before the boys, they didn’t go to bed till around 5. Whenever we weren’t talking to the boys we played soccer in my basement. It was really fun until I kicked the ball to the wall and it broke. I got in a little trouble but it was really funny.

Anyway, once we woke up we had Dunkin Donuts, I was pretty hype for that. After that we went outside and we were kicking the ball around for a while. The boys had already left for Ski Roundtop so we weren’t communicating with them at the moment. Then Sebas, my brother, took Tatum and I to Subway and we had lunch there. Then we went back to my house and were watching a soccer game. It was around 3 o’clock that Michael had called me and said that Zach had gotten shot in the back of his head and was on his way to the hospital. I didn’t know this was going to happen, they just went paintballing. How could this happen? What if somethig bad happenes? I could barely move I called
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I felt betrayed, I just lost my best friend of almost 8 years. That’s hard, I mean even though we’ve had our ups and downs I didn’t want to start our friendship over again. I mean what if he turns out to be a completely different person. After a few moments I said, “ What’s the point? I mean I pretty much just lost my best friend, what’s the point of even being here anymore.” At that moment I was thinking of doing it. Everyone pretty much hates me anyway. No one thinks I’m nice, everyone calls me salty. And I used to talk to Zach about this stuff, he would try and tell me positive things. Now we can’t ta;lk about it because he doesn’t know who I
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