Personal Narrative: My Antonia

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My Antonia
Everyone has their own tragedy, some are just worse than others. When Jim was a little boy both of his parents died. Entering their teenage years Jim moved to town with his grandparents and Antonia for work. They finally reunited decades later. This was a story of tragedy and youthfulness. When Jim was a little boy both of his parents died. Losing parents is hard at an old age, but losing them before you have barely lived your life with them would be heartbreaking. I cannot even begin to imagine my life without my parents. This was probably Jim's greatest tragedy growing up. Jim had to move to his grandparents, where he meets Antonia. It is difficult moving to a new place with people you have barely been around. Having Antonia
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Moving into town after living in the country would be a hard adjustment. I love living in the country and want my children to grow up in the country too. Living in town the kids were going out dancing; the country girls, who worked in town, were getting looked at badly for this. They got the reputation of being improper. The girls should not have been judged just because they were raised in the country. Being from the country does not make you any less of a lady, only less girly in some cases. Country girls should be judge equally to the town girls. As time went on Jim and Antonia barely saw each other. Soon Jim went off the college and Antonia stayed behind.
They finally reunited decades later. Jim came back to his hometown and went to see Antonia and her big family. Many times in life we left life take control, we do not make time for what is important. Having an education, job, and success are important, but family and friends mean more. Family and friends are what brings us true happiness, we should make time out of our busy lives for them. Antonia now has eleven or twelve kids and it is Jim’s, her once best friend, first time seeing all her children. I hope as age I do not lose communication with my friends.
This was a story of tragedy and youthfulness. There was death, heartbreak, and lost friendships in the story. However, the youthfulness of some of the characters evened out the conflict. The purpose of this story was interesting. For the most part this was a good
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