Personal Narrative: My Application To California

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I am twenty-one years old with a book obsession that would put even the most passionate of librarians into shock. I have a passion for the arts and literature and enjoy creating colorful pieces of art for my home for others to admire and enjoy. My interests are quite varied and range from enjoying foreign movies to attempting to cook new recipes. As a young child I have always felt a passion for fiction writing that compelled me to write. While most children played outside I would lock myself in the room and type hundreds of pages pulled from my thirteen year old imagination. Looking back at these stories, I can find my hopes and dreams scribbled and hidden in the text. I am hoping this class can give me the basic tools needed to excel later in life.
My excitement about touring California is mainly due to the fact that I was born in the surrounding suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My family and I relocated to California the year I turned three and I have adapted to the best of my abilities. Although I am not a native Californian, I have grown to appreciate the culture that the
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I have taken multiple Science classes at American River College. I attended college in San Francisco but due to the college accreditation issues I transferred to Sacramento City College to be closer to my family. Sacramento is my hometown and I am slowly learning to appreciate the small town of Sacramento and its growing community. Sacramento is not my city of choice but I am starting to love more and more of it as I see people from all over relocate and the city growing with new projects like the Arena. I love my morning commute that allows me to see construction workers fixing the steel piping against the backdrop of the blue sky. Although I prefer American River College due to its interesting architecture and landscaping I can admit that I am enjoying attending classes at the Sacramento City College due my comfortable
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