Personal Narrative Essay: My Ardor For Driving

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My ardor for driving did not begin when I was 16. It started right from my childhood. Of course, as a child, nobody allowed me to move a car because I was too little but I showed my propensity for driving in different ways. My mom would promise to take me to wonderland to play with their toy cars if I made good grades because she noticed my passion for driving. I worked very hard to get good grades and I never missed going to wonderland because I always made good grades. My elder brother and I fought regularly for the front seat of the car. It was conventional for the eldest child to stay in the front seat but I wanted to have a clearer view of my dad while he is driving. Anytime I was opportune to be at the front seat I would meticulously watch my dad as he starts the car; memorizing all the procedures. As I grew older, my love for driving became stronger. I asked my dad on several occasions to allow me drive but he refused insisting that I wait till I’m 18. My eagerness to start driving kept on haunting me. At 16, I could no longer wait. My dad’s old Honda car-1982 model-was parked just in front of the house. The body was corroded and the tyres looked frail and worn out. It was dusty and filled with cobwebs. I cleaned the driver’s seat, stirring, speedometer and the other parts that…show more content…
The car began to move. I was elated and proud of myself. I knew that my happiness won’t last too long because I had to park the car at its original spot before my dad returns form work. In trying to park the car, the car suddenly jerked and stopped. I tried, several times, to restart the engine but my efforts were

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