Personal Narrative: My Argumentative Essay

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Persuasive Paper
Hello, and welcome to my store! I will shape and carve all of your black metals into usable everyday household items such as: weapons, armor, tools, and hardware. I use these objects called anvils to shape the iron and steel. I remember the first time when I arrived in America and my parents sent me to apprentice a blacksmith. I had such great memories of my childhood until the King started to tax us. When I started this business, the Navigation Acts wrecked it. I have to pay England a tax every time that I sold my products to the colonists. Are you, as citizens of America, really ready to give up all your rights, or will you fight for what is right? Easy question, let me answer it for you. The right answer is to fight the King. If you do not know that, then we have a problem in our hands. Why should we support the king? What do we get out of it? You might say, ‘Oh, we get to live.’ Let me assure you that if you think that, you are very wrong. Think about what we
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Due to the Iron Act of 1750, I cannot get my materials from the colonists. If you couldn’t tell, iron is what I mainly use. Without it, us blacksmiths won’t be able to make the armory and weaponry for war. Seriously? I will not live in this environment where I sacrificed my life in England to be able to have a new life, and instead, both my business and I suffer. Without the use of iron, I can’t make the tools to help the farmers keep farming and cutting the grass like the cradle and sickle. Without the iron, everything you use just like the cranes that you use to cook over the fire. Life as you know it right now, will change forever and not in a good way. Our children will grow up even more unfortunate than we are right now. Do you really want that for them? Ah, child. Don’t you want to grow up and be like your parents? You know what, we should make sure that our kids have a better life than we had. If we fight, we can earn that and it will be guaranteed. You’ll have no worries at
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