Personal Narrative: My Asian American Identity Crisis

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Everyday I walk into my English class is the moment I experience an identity crisis. As I approach the entrance to the class, I already detected the dichotomy in the room. On the right side lies the Caucasian students, and on the left, resides the International Chinese students. As the only Asian American in the class, I struggle to select the correct side.

Being an Asian American can be conflicting sometimes; especially when you 're born in a predominately Caucasian town, but raised in a stereotypical Asian family. I 'm not going to lie when I say that some days, I thought I was white rather than Asian (but that 's a different story). Growing up in a town where other Asian Americans are practically non-existent meant that all my friends
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But wait!! Even though the United States is my place of birth, I am ethnically and physically Asian. In fact, the family culture I was raised in was similar to the culture as the Internation students. Maybe I should just go with the flow and sit with the people who physically resemble me. I would blend right in.

I step towards the left.

But wait!!! I don 't want to be sucked into this ridiculous race organization system. Might as well show them that race shouldn 't be a barrier and sit on the Caucasian side.

I step towards the right.

But wait!!!! Wouldn 't sitting with one race on purpose to elude this race barrier be hypocritical? I should be able to sit wherever I desire while being unaffected by race.

I step towards the left.

But wait!!!!! I can 't be ignorant and just think that I can be race-blind on command. Race is surely impacting my decision; there 's no way I can avoid this.

Where do I sit!?!

This blog isn 't meant to be taken super seriously. It 's just an amusing dilemma I face every day that isn 't as momentous as I write it to be. It is quite hilarious every time I walk in and have to decide where to sit. And, by the way, both sides are willing to let a different race penetrate the border, as the divide exists only due to the fact that people sat by others they were comfortable with. The dilemma resides in only me as I have to determine whether I am more of an Asian or a
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