Personal Narrative: My Assessment Literacy

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My Assessment Literacy
I had the opportunity to rate my current level of understanding and proficiency against each of the five elements of Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). I believe that I need to practice more on all the five elements, with a greater emphasis on Standard 5.5. According to this standard, as a graduate teacher, I should be able to maintain accurate and reliable records of students’ achievement and use effective strategies in reporting them to the students and their parents/carers (AITSL, Standard 5.5, 2014).
Teachers use formative assessment in this on-going work to monitor and improve students’ progress and they have the responsibility to undertake summative assessment, so that they could report to their parents/carers; as the students move from the current to the next year level to new teachers, they also create end-of-year reports (10, p.11). Techers should report the test results back to students in such a way that it provide guidance for them to identify their own
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However, as I get involved into summative assessments, I should practice creating reports. During my practical placements, I plan to gain further insight into this aspect by discussing about my intention of improving my skills in report writing, with my mentor teacher. I would like to go through a variety of reports on different learning areas from my mentor teacher, and start gathering resources pertaining to report writing. I would take effort to write some reports with comments as a practice, ensuring that it is embedded with proper evidence to support my views (Readman, p.157). As I have insufficient experience in report writing, io would like to utilise databanks of reporting statements, if they are available in the school (Readman,

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