Personal Narrative: My Aunt Bernadette

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TITLE, Lauren Helgason, September 25, 2015
Over a year ago my Aunt Bernadette and my Uncle Glenn got divorced. My Aunt didn’t take it very well, but to the rest of my family it didn’t come as much of a surprise. They were always fighting with each other over petty things and didn’t get along. However, my Aunt couldn’t accept that she was part of the problem, so she decided to push the blame onto someone else. That someone being my Grandmother. She said that my Grandma was too involved in their relationship. My Aunt thought that my Grandmother calling them and wanting to see them was driving a fork in her marriage. My Aunt accusing my Grandma is similar to when the girls were screaming out people they claimed to have seen walking with the devil in Act one of the play. The girls were all watching as Tituba was giving up names of people she saw with the devil. Seeing her being praised for gave Abby the idea to confess and then accuse people as well, which caused all the other girls to do the same. Tituba and the girls accused others to make themselves look better, just like my Aunt did. My Aunt blamed my Grandma because she wanted to make it look like she was the …show more content…

She is most like the main accuser in the story, Abby. She is similar to Abby because she blames people without having evidence and she uses her accusations to save herself. For example, when Abby blames Mary Warren she only said that Mary turned into a bird and was preparing to attack her. Abby didn’t need any evidence to back up her accusation. My Aunt also just simply said that my Grandma ruined her marriage without providing any evidence. The reason Abby accuses Mary Warren is because Mary was trying to throw her under the bus and Abby needed to stop Mary so that she didn’t get in trouble. My Aunt blamed my Grandma in order to save herself as well. She wanted to save herself from the embarrassment of having to be held responsible for her

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