Personal Narrative: My Basketball Coach

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The Mentor we going to talk about today is my basketball coach. Coach was tall & dark skin and he had a low cut with waves. Coach is a great man and a well coach. Then we have one of his players. Don he was short with a big afro, and he can play ball. Don was a smart kid his grades were always good! Don has a great self esteem he is real cool with everyone on the team, he helps everyone instead of them keep doing the wrong thing. Don always had to be the leader because I knew how to do most of the things coach wanted us to do. So Don was always helping out other team mates. My relationship with my coach was great, we really did a lot together me, him & the team. One time he took us all to fun & stuff we had a great time. Then we went out to eat he took us to applebee’s and we ate and watched the basketball game. My coach helped me and made me better at the sport. My coach helped me when I broke my arm, when I got out of my cast he was helping me get back right for the season. It was the last game and we were facing the hawks, this the day I came back we was in lay up lines. It was time to start the game so we get the tip I was running point guard, we did the pick and roll and scored the first bucket. Then it was 4 seconds left i was running…show more content…
My coach has made me the one of the best basketball players in high school. My coach all ways looked out for us he took us out to eat so many times. One day he took us to fun & stuff me and the whole team we had a great time with coach. That’s why i mess with coach the long way cause he always been there and made sure we was cool. My coach was keeping me out the streets I grew up on 105 and parkgate. When he saw me he wanted me to do better and stay out the street so I wouldn’t end up dead or in jail. So that’s why I really mess with my coach because he want for me to do is succeed in life. I thank my coach for everything he did for me and my game of
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