Personal Narrative: My Basketball Life

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When I started my basketball life, I was a young boy watching the local ballers play in the park hoping I can learn those moves they did when I was older. I used to join my youth center’s basketball teams. As I grew, I noticed many things as I kept playing ball such as how to keep your mind focused in the goal you want. When I got into my high school years, I became interested in the basketball team. I’m 5’4 and not big in size, but I was determined to try-out for a team of my favorite sport. Every day I would wake up and see old basketball games to comprehend the fundamentals of the game, and I would also see legends of the game do their thing. I enjoyed seeing players like Michael Jordan keep hustling no matter what the score was or who they were facing. Being in this way of life, being his fan was sometimes a target of Magic’s or Bird’s fans. Defending him and most of his career being the best is big for the game. Let me reveal and explain how he is the ultimate…show more content…
That air dunk he did from the free throw line was still a huge way to dunk even today. It showed his ability to get vertical and his drive to win. Later in these times, it’s a signature icon to his shoes and merchandise, but he was a tough guy to beat in these competitions. Eagle (2013) says, “The greatest dunk contest of all time offered Jordan the opportunity to avenge his loss to Dominique Wilkins in 1985. More prepared, more focused and performing in front of his home crowd, Jordan pulled off the win thanks to an iconic free-throw-line dunk on his last attempt.” (para. 13) This 1988 dunk contest was an important moment for Jordan due to the emotions he had coming to it with Wilkins. This move is now his pose in the Bulls Stadium. I agree that he was a more famous due to this task other than the shooting ability or the steals. This move is in my opinion the reason Jordan got more eyes on him especially from the leaning ball
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