Personal Narrative: My Bear Vacation

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Warm, sunny Destin is like Heaven on earth. This last summer I got a chance to visit Destin for summer vacation. Yes, the 16 hour drive was not super fun, but it was TOTALLY worth it in the end. I had a ton of fun. We spent most days relaxing on the beach, but we also went to this huge amusement park called the track. What I loved most about that trip was all the time we spent together. We also went with our good friends the Hirners. On the day we were suppose to leave, my mom woke me up at five a.m. She was screaming “ hoary hoary our bear vacation starts today!” From the book The Bears Vacation. I knew what day it was so I rapidly got out of bed to get in the car. Next, we picked up Ashlyn because my mom let me bring a friend because I
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