Personal Narrative: My Best Friend

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Its Tuesday August 26 2016, i’m sitting in the passenger seat of a sand colored Honda civic the green lights on the dashboard clock read 12:34 in the morning. In the car with me is are my best friend Maddie is sitting in the drivers seat as it is his car and my other two friends Brianna and Aron are sitting in the back seat. Maddie has been my best friend for six years now we had gone through elementary, middle school and high school together I honestly couldn 't imagine a day in my life where she wasn 't there for me. Conversation is easy when we all get together perhaps its because we spend so much time apart with work and school coming together like this where our schedules match up is a rare and thoroughly taken advantage of. We are all excited because you see today isn 't just any other day were we go out a 10 in the afternoon and come back in the late early mornings, no tonight we were celebrating because Maddie was leaving to the mainland to start school in California. Even though i’m devastated that she was leaving we were excited because at least one of us managed to get off the island; a fact Maddie continued to tease us about until her last day. “♫♪all my friends are heathens take it slow♫♪” Maddie shoots her arm out making a chopping motion as if she were trying to physical cut the conversation off, “Hey, oh sh*t I love this song” she shouts, immediately after she starts singing along her voice nearly drowning out the actual singers. I remember looking at
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