Personal Narrative: My Big Elk Hunt

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The Hunt

My dad just woke me up for our big elk hunt that we were going on. He told me to get ready and we would be leaving in a few minutes. Once I got dressed we went to my grandpas and picked him up. We (me my dad and my grandpa) drove in my grandpa's truck, when we got to the airport, we packed our luggage and got on the plane. When we got on the plane, I noticed we were going to Salt Lake City, I asked my dad why, and he said we were going to have to stop their first. Once we got in Idaho our guides were waiting for us. The first night we were in Boise, we slept in a hotel. The next day we woke up and drove out to our camp. Before we got to camp we stopped and practiced shooting our guns-for elk, bear and wolf. Once we got to our camp our guides were
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After we got back from chasing him our guides gave us some bad news, I felt a little depressed. They told us that someone on a horse ran through the property and fired their gun. So now I did not feel like I was going to get my elk.
The next morning my grandpa went for a walk when he saw a big herd of elk in a valley. Once he got back, he told our guides about it. After our guides were done discussing it we went to go scout it. Once we got back from scouting we ate dinner and told stories. We did that in till around 9:00 because we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow.
When I woke up they bundled me up in at least 5 layers of jackets (it felt like 50) and told me it was cold out. Once we got in the spot I was almost in a T-shirt. When we were looking for elk one of our guides made a noise what a bull elk makes during breeding season, which is called a bugle… then we had a bull respond back. Then the bull showed himself about 430 yards away. He walked until about 300 yards, then stopped behind a tree. We waited and waited which felt like forever, then we heard a bugle in the valley. Within seconds the bull was looking right at me at 18 yards away.

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