Personal Narrative: My Birthmark

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“What’s that thing on your face?” was the first thing I heard when meeting a new kid for the first time. Although this type of greeting is generally considered rude, I was never ashamed of my birthmark. My mother had convinced me that it was an “angel kiss”, and that very few babies had the privilege of being kissed by an angel. Those who were, would have a mark forever. At first glance I looked pretty normal as a young boy: two eyes, a nose, a mouth--the usual, but as I met other kids, I realized that they were staring at the bright red birthmark that dominated the left side of my face. About an inch in diameter, my hemangioma birthmark, commonly known as a “strawberry mark”, was a real conversation starter. After hearing my mom’s angel…show more content…
However I still think it’s an enviable trait. My birthmark started a lot of conversations with people, and constantly talking about my “flaw” engendered the self-confidence I feel today. Although my birthmark has waned, my personality hasn’t. I’m rarely uncomfortable meeting new people, and I bring easygoing relief to those around me, even in situations that can be stressful. I still feel just as lucky as I did when my mom told me an angel had kissed me, for it was that mark I have to thank--the bright red, puffy circle that permeated on my left cheek--for the poise and chutzpah I would have never known otherwise. Although no longer a physical trait, my angel kiss has become an outstanding feature in my personality. The personal assurance I gained from the years of talking about my birthmark decided to stick around, even though the mark itself has diminished. My angel kiss-bred, composed personality contributes a lot in an academic setting. Instead of stressing about my classes, I take a step back, evaluate what needs to be done, and execute. I’ve realized that I am a much more productive student when I’m not stressed. I get better results with the same input--by not panicking; thus maximizing my learning potential. My easygoing nature facilitates efficiency, and it will prove to be an advantageous quality in college, my future career, and my personal relationships.
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