Personal Narrative: My Black 1958 Chevy

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I was seventeen and had a job as a pizza delivery boy that particular summer. My best friend went on a three-week vacation so I had the opportunity to work full-time (actually overtime) that entire time. Since I was so busy (and tired) about all I had time to do was save my money so it wasn 't long before I had saved three hundred-fifty dollars. Now my dad at times could be a little "snaky". He was having a tough time keeping up the payments he owed a used car dealer from which he 'd recently bought a car. In order to minimize the problem, he talked me into buying a car. It was beautiful! It was a shiny black 1958 Chevy with a super clean leather interior. It was the 1958 version of the classic "1957 Chevy". While it was an automatic, it…show more content…
For several months, I had "auto status". I even named my car "Beauty" after the horse Black Beauty. You know, some of the most stand-offish girls warmed up to me! I learned that there was a lot more to owning a car than having transportation; something that got me from one place to another. It was how I imagined myself looking behind the wheel of this particular car. And, apparently, I didn 't look too bad. One night my dad asked to borrow my car. Actually, it was more of an implied demand. Reluctantly, I gave him the keys. I was picked up by one of my friends and went on my way. When I came home it was late. I didn 't see my car but I just figured my dad wasn 't home. I woke up the next morning and my car still wasn 't there. My dad was sound asleep. "Hey dad" I said. "Where 's the Chevy?" He was very groggy and all of a sudden I was very nervous. Dad told me he had taken it to a service station because the engine didn 't sound right. What didn 't sound right was his story. After two days and no sign of my car I asked dad what the location was of the station he had taken my car to. It was at that point he confessed he had been drinking and plowed into a parked car. Fearing retaliation, he ran, and hid the car in my
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