Personal Narrative: My Blues Vs. Blackhawks Program

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I do not remember my first time watching a televised hockey game or my first time going to watch the Blues at Scottrade Center, but I do know that I was hooked. My dad used to to purchase three tickets from a lady at his work to one Blues game a year. She was a season ticket holder and every season she upgraded her seats one row closer to the ice. When I went to my first game, where we sat, who St. Louis played against, or who won are all beyond my recollection, nevertheless I know that whatever events had transpired, I wanted to watch more hockey. Around the third grade I remember asking my parents if I could play hockey, one of my friends was and I truly enjoyed the sport. They countered that the sport was very expensive and could be dangerous.…show more content…
I went to my first playoff game in the 2013-2014 Blues vs. Blackhawks series. Being in the arena for an NHL playoff game is an appalling experience. At a regular season game, fans cheer whenever a goal is scored, a big save is made, or other game-changing events. At a playoff game there is constant cheering no matter what happens. This series was played against the rival Blackhawks which made the excitement and loudness even greater. Fans were screaming and waving towels throughout the entirety of the game. In the third period, the Blues were losing by a score of 2-3 with minutes to go. The crowd was going crazy trying to help the team as the clock winded down. With 6 seconds left, the puck made its way to the rookie Vladimir Tarasenko. As if he had practiced this his whole life, he fired a wrist shot without blinking and roofed it. Scottrade Center erupted. The Blues would go on to win the game and unfortunately lose the series; however, this was one of the most exhilarating sports moments I have ever witnessed. Many of the hockey games I have been to have been memorable, but a couple of other experiences also stand out. My dad had bought tickets for us to go to the game on the night of my 16th birthday. Later that day he was offered tickets from a company that does contracting work for him. They were seats on the glass. Just sitting in the first row alone was exhilarating; however, the Blues had just signed the legendary goalie Martin Brodeur who was starting his first game for the team that night. I had glass seats for Brodeur’s first game as a Blue. Along with being at that game, I was at Martin Brodeur’s last game ever. If he had publicly announced that he would be retiring I am sure that the tickets would have been much more expensive and I would not have been able to go. I have witnessed many great things at hockey games, but seeing one of the best goaltenders in
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