Personal Narrative: My Brain Aneurysm

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stitches and the numbing did work because I could only feel pressure when they stuck the needle and thread through. The doctor told me I would have to keep them in for a while. About a month later, I went back to the doctor, and they cut the excess thread off of my chin and let the rest dissolve since they had used that type of thread when they did my stitches. I have had a scar ever since on that part of my chin. It is not that noticeable anymore, but I can still notice it. The other major event that happened in my life was when my grandma had a brain aneurysm. This was during a time where my grandma was visiting us for a while. For about 2-3 months she had already been at my house. It was a school night around 8:00pm, and my grandma had gone in the bathroom to brush her teeth. Well I had to use the bathroom at the time, so I knocked on the door, and I did not hear an answer at the door. I knocked several more times before I told my mom that she was not answering and that I couldn’t hear her say anything. My mom then went to the door and opened the door after telling me to go to my room. When my mom opened the door, my…show more content…
One of the things that happened was when my mom and dad got divorced. I remember most of the reason that my mom divorced my dad was because of his drinking. When I was little, my mom would work during the day and my dad would be home with me. Since I was so little, I was not able to do my medication by myself. Either my mom or my dad had to do my medication. When my dad and I were home alone, he would drink most of the time. Since he would drink, he would not be able to do my medication. I remember one time I had to call my mom to have her come home and give me my medication because I was not able to wake up my dad. This was when my mom started regretting having my dad stay
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