Personal Narrative-An Interview With My Father

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”: My brother was a truck driver. And, he was a pretty tough man. He was the complete opposite of me. He got addicted to all kinds of drugs and pathetic habits when he was 16. Actually, he started smoking when he was 14. Moreover, he never completed his education properly. If I be honest, he was a big burden for the whole family. And, I remember one day he kicked our father for an argument over a 10$. He was just 17 that day. Frankly, I hated him. Last week he came to my house after 15 years. I never expected his arrival though. And, he requested me to keep him in the house for a week. I got extremely embarrassed in front of my wife when he said, “Hahaha look at you now moron. You have become a gentleman now ha. You don’t even remember your elder brother.” I had never told my wife about an elder brother. So, my wife was extremely unhappy with me as I was keeping it as a secret. And, my daughter looked terrified when she first saw him. Even so, I could not tell him to just go away. So, after arguing with my wife for many hours, I got her permission to let him stay for the week. My 14 year old daughter cried throughout the day when she got to be aware of his staying.…show more content…
I was greeted by the mutilated body of my brother lying on the bed. His eyes were taken out from the eye cavities. His throat was slit by a piece of glass, and blood was squirting through that opening. Entire portions of flesh were removed from both his arms. His face was cut from the corners of his mouth to the ears. So, he was smiling all the time. That glass piece was resting on the bed. My wife got horrified after seeing the body. Then, she asked, “What we are going to do now.” I was speechless. We followed the bloody footprints from the basement to the bathroom. Our daughter was crying in the bathtub. Then, my wife screamed. On the bathroom mirror, it was written in blood, “Sorry for using her body for taking our revenge.” Then, I remembered the murdered

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