Personal Narrative: My Cabin Leader

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When I was twelve my best friends name was Jamyra also known as “Jam” for short. We were inseparable, spending days and nights, sometimes even weeks together on end. Nothing could tear us apart, not a mountain, not one person, not even being three thousand miles away from each other, so we thought. In the summer of 2006 our parents surprised us, we were going to summer camp together for a week! We were so ecstatic being able to be away from our families to sleep in a cabin with random kids, going on adventures, doing cool activates, and eating as much junk food as we wanted. What more could we ask for? We planned our outfits and we even got matching sleeping bags and pillows. We drove an hour away from home and all the we knew, to go to the infamous Camp Kirkwood. Our parents stayed to check us in, and find our cabins just to make sure we would be okay. After a long time of begging and informing them that we would be fine because we had each other our parents left to take the hour journey back home. We meet Susan our Cabin leader, she let both of us know…show more content…
My body filled with red patches that were extremely itchy. One day my mom informed me that I had a phone call, I answered, and who else could it be but Jamyra. I was so happy to hear her voice almost an entire week without speaking (that was unusual for us). She was sobbing, apologizing for accusing me of the horrible untrue rumors she heard about me. I forgave her, telling her about the horrible rash that I had attracted from camp. Coincidentally, she had the same rash (soon to find out was Poison Ivy)! I went to her house that evening, our moms having us soak in oatmeal baths for hours, and lathering ourselves in Poison Ivy ointment. I’ll never forget about the unforgettable time I had a Camp Kirkwood. One thing that I learned from this experience was always love your best friend and never trust your Cabin Leader Susan
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