Personal Narrative: My Career As A Soccer Player

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“I remember the time when you couldn’t even kick a soccer ball, but now you are able to demonstrate astounding skills when you are on the field,” stated my older brother, Bill, before I was about to make my mark in my soccer career at the State Cup finals. I remember that time when I was an eight year old kid who always created an air of melancholy with my inept soccer skills. Only when believing in myself and rigorous training did I grasp the concepts that were essential to an adept soccer player. After jumping leaps and bounds, pushing myself till I reached the breaking point, I made a name for myself. When I reflect on my evolution, I realize that beautiful things can come from unpromising beginnings. “What are you doing? Run a lap around…show more content…
I was able to ignore the hot radiance of the sun; consequently, I was able to play more efficiently. Being able to feel the heat waves on the bottom of my feet, I kept on going trying to show that I am the best. Eventually, I got to the other team’s goal, and my teammate passed me the ball. I saw the opening, the time was perfect for me to score. Before I took the shot, I had a flashback about the time I missed the goal and suffered humiliation, so I knew that I must score. Finally, I took a deep breath swung my worn out foot back and struck the ball with all my might as if my life depended on it. The ball curved to the top right corner of the goal and the crowd went wild. Instead of there being a melancholy atmosphere looming over me, an atmosphere of blissfulness surrounds me. When I got back home, I saw Bill and he told me, “Although you were terrible in the beginning, you came through in the end and earned your respect.” My coach called everybody on the team to a meeting the next day and announced that we will be going to the State Cup. Everybody on the team was shocked at my improvement and applauded me. Is I saw their faces filled with joy, I learned that something beautiful can come from unpromising
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