Personal Narrative: My Career Goals In Nursing

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Career Goal: Nursing According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country today. That being said, getting a career in the medical field is a very wise decision. The reasons I want to be a hospital administrator are because I want to help people, the knowledge I will have once I am starting my career, and the numerous benefits. The first reason I want to be in hospital administration is because I want to help people. To be honest, I did not even decide that this was the career I wanted until earlier this year. What really sparked my interest was the fact that I have wanted to care for people since I was a little girl, and by getting into the medical field I would be assisting numerous people at once. When I am able to aid others I get a sense of happiness. I really…show more content…
Having a high income is a very important part of choosing a career. According to BLS data from May 2014, the average annual salary for health services managers such as hospital administrators was $103,680, with the top 10% of professionals earning at least $161,150 a year. With that kind of salary, I would have no worries or fear of not making payments on time or living paycheck to paycheck. That feeling would be incredible. I know from experience that struggling to pay bills is stressful and I don’t want to one of those people who just think about money nonstop and never seem to have enough. I am going to provide for myself, and my future family with ease. I enjoy knowing that I will have a secure future and that the possibilities of advancing in this career are endless. Another perk would be having the ability to improve the face of healthcare and actually making a difference in human lives. Changing people’s outlook on healthcare and improving lives for the better is something worth working
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