Personal Narrative: My Challenges At Queen's University

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Due to my personal goals and values, I chose Queen’s University as I knew it was the place I could grow and thrive. I selected Queens University because I value challenges very highly (exhibit C). The growth mindset shows me, when an individual can overcome great challenges in both academic and social areas the individual learns multiple useful skills such as resilience and handwork (Yeager, Scott, Dweck). I knew Queen’s would challenge me both academically and socially, and it has thus far. I find fitting in harder than ever before and adjusting to the work load difficult. I value challenge, so I make decisions to do things to challenge myself so I can keep improving, hence going to Queen’s. My main goals for my time at Queen’s are…show more content…
Having a growth mindset is paramount when wanting to develop aspects of your character. Being a quieter leader, I want to become more social as well as learn all I can from experiences inside and outside the classroom. I want to join Commerce Society and AMS to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone (Exhibit B). These choices will allow myself to improve socially. Academically, I know that there are some people here with higher intellect than me, but I believe that with my values of hard work and resilience, I can improve my intelligence. I believe with the correct mindset I can overcome the obstacles and belong with my peers. Hard work plays a role in my decisions as even if I chose the harder path I know I can get through it. This enables me to be able to attend Queen’s, as I believe I cannot fail. This key value is a big part of who I am (exhibit A) I also have the goal to thrive at Smith School of Business. Over the past few weeks, I have feelings of inadequacy and homesickness. This I believes stems from not having the happiness advantage. As stated in the article about students in Harvard, I do not look as being here as an honour, instead I am constantly evaluating if I deserve to…show more content…
As shown in exhibit D and E my scope and schedule right now is pretty general and not too intense. One issue that I am having is the fact that one of my primary goals is getting involved. I like having a lot of time dedicated to doing work, as evident by the 22+ hours of homework time as show in the exhibit E, but I feel getting involved will force me to give up time that I could be doing homework. I feel already that I do not have enough time for socializing or going to professional development events. It is because I work hard at everything I do, assignments and homework tend to take me a long time. By planning out my time more effectively it may enable me to find additional time to work on assignments so then I can realize my goals and start improving my character. Additionally, planning more effectively will help me with my mental bandwidth. The following quotation sums up how I feel about my mental bandwidth, “When this happens there is an obvious mismatch between your available capacity and the demand on that capacity” (Haylock). This demand is the work that university applies to me and I find it difficult to focus on one task. By using the schedule in exhibit E, I hope that small things such as meeting times will no longer interfere with my thought process during working times. This makes working

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