Personal Narrative: My Challenges In My Writing

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Writing the first essay had its challenges, starting from the preparation in developing a good paper. I had challenges getting previously annotated work, on paper, in a way for the reader to understand. My writing style emphasizes my voice and thoughts in the moment instead of thinking it over in advance before I begin writing. This was our first essay in English 20, so I wanted to put an extra effort to make sure important points from the text were mentioned in a way for the reader to understand. I was able to get more feedback about what I needed to improve on instead of the things I was successful within in my writing. The first essay challenges began as the book related back to the environment and the experience you get from it, so more detail was required than I’m used to using in my writing. My writing has a tendency to be broad. After getting this first essay back from Professor Saake, I understood there were a lot of things that I needed to work on but one thing I wanted to start on was getting my points across to the reader in a more effective way. I tend to be broad in my ideas so the reader is not capable of fully understanding the gist of the story/writing.…show more content…
This helps get the gist across when I begin to write my paper. I have success writing in an influential way, so the reader is capable of understanding. What I need to improve on is explaining what is mentioned in the book in greater detail so the reader is able to relate back to the book from the quotes mentioned in my writing. Big words are being used and transitions are being shown as ideas change and relate back to ideas mentioned throughout the book River Walking. It’s a great novel about identity and finding yourself within the natural world. It influenced me to adventure out more and admire the wildlife in person instead of through picture and

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