Personal Narrative: My Change In Middle School

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Every student starting middle school has a conflict in making new friends the first days of school. Me myself also had problems making new friends because I was very shy. Fortunately I had one of my friends from elementary school. Although I'd love to tell you the way I made friends I changed over the year to survive middle school.

Overall I was a good student in elementary, but I had many flaws and I still do. To begin with I was a hard working student even though I was horrible in math and reading. If people would describe me they would say was very shy in fact I rarely talked. I wasn't like the rest of my classmates, they would play sports every year and I only was in cross country for 3 years and played baseball for 1 year. I was practically a chill and shy boy.
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I use to be cautious and reckless until I promoted to middle school. I remember that I was a very nice student, but I've changed I'm more of a person that doesn't really care that much about people like I did back then. Back then I was a hard working student, but i got older and became much more lazier than I was back then. I’ve changed in many ways but only mentally not physically.

As can be seen I’ve changed over all when i entered middle school. Many people have changed throughout years and so have I. Overall I have only changed my actions and how much work I do in
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