Personal Narrative: My Charles Tyrwhitt

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The sun beat down on me with intently when I stepped out onto the sidewalk. Quickly I found shelter from the heat on a nearby bench surrounded by shade. However before I took a seat I removed my Desmond Merrion suit jacket, took off the silk Ralph Lauren’s Black label necktie and stuffed it into the pocked of the suit jacket. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and then did a neat three flip roll of the sleeves. And without given it to much thought I removed my Rolex and placed it into my pants pocket. Then I took a seat and re-moved my Italian loafers and Brescian socks, stuffed the socks into the pocket with the tie, and then wiggled my feet back into the loafers. I felt like a real person again. Inconspicuously
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