Personal Narrative: My Childhood Object Memoir

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Turner Gantt 9/23/15 Childhood Object Memoir Throughout my childhood, I had a strong obsession with Star Wars. I watched all of the movies, played most of the video games, and bought many action figures and toys affiliated with Star Wars. My neighborhood was filled only with little girls my sister could play with so I was lonely. Because of this, I played with my action figures all the time. My favorite was my General Grievous action figure from the second and third prequel movie. I thought he was the coolest looking character out of every other one in the franchise. I liked him so much that I named my pet lizard after him. I would stay up late playing with the action figure and many others well after when I was supposed to be asleep.…show more content…
Once on a hot summer day, I was playing in my pool with my figures. The water was a little murky and hard to see through. I was in the deep end though when I dropped my Grievous figure where it sunk into the blueish green abyss and disappeared. I panicked knowing I couldn’t swim to the bottom and snatch it up so I instead sobbed for 20 straight minutes until my dad got home and fished it out with a pool net. It was a dark moment in my childhood, a scar I will never forget. I’ve even once got into a fist-fight with a friend because I saw him steal it. He ended up with many scratches and bruises but we made up and I got my Grievous back. After that though, I would hide it as if I was a dog hoarding and stowing away a bone. Like most of my Star Wars action figures, I had multiple versions of General Grievous which I have actually given away most of along with others over the years, but I have cherished one version which I haven’t given away. I given all but one copy to all of my friends who were sad or that I would never see again, as well as other Star Wars crazy kids that were like me. All I wanted to do was share the same feelings I had when I was a little kid. Throughout the future, my box of action figures will grow smaller but the happiness of other children will grow larger. All that will be left will be the General
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