Personal Narrative: My Childhood Study

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My child study is on a Caucasian, eight-year-old boy named Brody. He is in the second grade because he has a June birthday and repeated Kindergarten. In addition, Brody has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and used to be in a speech class in preschool and some of kindergarten. I completed my observations of Brody’s physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development at his house. As I had Brody complete different tasks, I observed, analyzed and interpreted his answers and behavior while collecting data and notes.
Physical Appearance Brody is an eight-year-old boy who is at average height for his age, but has a skinnier frame than most his age. If you compared him to his peers, he has long legs and a shorter torso. Brody has light brown hair, large, dark blue eyes and a light complexion. He has a big smile and is missing a couple teeth.
A child’s appearance could have an effect on his relationship with his or her peers. Peers are children’s source of information and approval. If
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According to the chart from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Brody is a little under average for his height and age group. In addition, he is average for his weight (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2000). Brody’s calculated Body Mass Index (BMI) is 16.8, placing him in the 65th percentile for his age. He is at a healthy weight as an eight-year-old. Brody’s height and weight are average for his age range. His health should not be impacted currently by his current weight and height. However, if he doesn’t grow with is classmates, his self esteem could become low. It is important to children to fit in physically with their peers. Some may perceive Brody as less mature if he is under the average weight and height (Meece & Daniels, 2002, 99). A child may find him or her self unattractive. This is also true for other individuals; they may believe a child is not physically attractive compared to other
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