Personal Narrative: My Child's Life In My World

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Dibble dibble dopp dopp, the water came out of the faucet while I was taking a shower. As I was taking a shower, I was humming “The school bell ttaeng ttaeng ttaeng.” Suddenly, the light turned off, I tremble and out without time to think. Because, when I was young I was afraid of left alone in a dark room. Clank! The window fell down me because the floor was too slippery and I kicked the window. All of a sudden my head became blank. The blood came out from my leg and I could see the piece of glass stuck in my leg. I could see the white thing inside of my leg, it was my kneecap. When I try to pull out the glass, my mom shouted at me “Do not touch your leg, just stay calm.” And then my mom picks the phone up and calls to someone. It was 911, but they said “It will take more than 15minutes.” After they said that, my mom calls to our neighbor who has a car. After my mom put her phone down and brought a towel to wipe the blood. The floor was like someone spread red paint all over the floor. At that time, I asked my mother to “Do I die” because I was really scared and I did not know what I have to do. My mom replied “No” and she tried to soothe my mind. I am sure that she speaks to me in a calm voice, but in her heart, she wants to talk to me in an astonished voice. A few minutes later, our neighbor came to my house and take me to the hospital. While I took my neighbor’s car, the seats were like a sea of blood. I do not have any mind to say something and I became distraught.
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