Personal Narrative: My Christmas Break

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How was your Christmas Break? I bet mine was better. If you’ve ever had our homemade slush you 'd understand. The highlights of my break were my dad and I making our slush like we do every year, I got to see and explore things I’ve never seen beyond my property, and I got to perform on stage at my Grandpa’s barn.
I went hunting for quail with a 16 guage, and also looked for some rabbits and squirrel. I walked for around 4 hours, and got 4 rabbits, and 2 squirrells, but didn’t get any quail. On the way to my hunting place I found an old railroad track with bridges to cross the creek. It stretches for about 100 feet beyond my property and extends all the way to Michigan Valley. To go from my house to Michigan Valley it would be at least 5 miles long from what I can see.
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We all get up on stage to play and sing for barn dances. When I am not playing, I go and drive my grandpa’s polaris. Sometimes I let my sister drive, but she’s pretty crazy. Usually the Opry lasts about 2 to 3 hours. Over Christmas Break I went to one of these shows and it gets more and more fun every time I go.
My Christmas Break was full of interesting experiences, and these experiences this year just added to how much I like Christmas. Every year I look forward to making our famous slush. I also got to explore parts beyond my woods I’ve never seen before, and I performed on stage at my Grandpa’s barn. Although I can do these things more than just once a year, it seemed just a little bit better doing it on
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