Personal Narrative: My Coat Of Arms

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My father’s side of the family is American and my mother’s is from South Korea. This is why I put the two flags on my shield. Like many families, my family has things that we consider very important. For my Coat of Arms, I chose to make it blue. Blue represents truth and loyalty. For all of my life it has been re enforced that being truthful is something that is crucial to the relationships with people. Whenever I do something wrong and lie about it there is always serious consequences. It is always made clear that because of the lie, I damaged the relationship that I have with that person. My family is very loyal to each other. If something is said within the family that is meant to stay in the family, it is not spoken about with others. We all stand up for each other, no matter what the conflict is about.…show more content…
The hand represents faith and justice, while the cross represents christianity. My parents traveled to japan to become missionaries and share the gospel here. My brothers and I go to a christian school. Our faith is what binds us together. In costania Deus means steadiness in God. I think that this motto represents my family very well. Whenever a member of my family is struggling or doesn’t know what to do, they are reminded that if they keep their trust in God then they will be guided and led down a steady path. My family is very passionate and ambitious about things that we do. When my family puts their mind to something and want to do it they will. Examples of this is Micah’s academics, Asa’s music, my mother’s singing, and my father teaching about the bible. This is why I put the flaming heart and snake on my shield. Another animal that I included is the Raven. I think that my family has a strong sense of responsibility when being counted on. They won’t forget about an important event or task. The Raven symbolizes
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