Personal Narrative: My Coke Bottle

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My Coke Bottle I have been lucky enough to live a very privileged life. My parents both work hard to provide an upper middle class lifestyle for me and my siblings. We live in a spacious house in a quiet suburban neighborhood. I have attended private school my entire life. Growing up, I was able to experience all the activities that I wanted to participate in, no matter the sign-up cost or equipment. My parents gifted me a car for my sixteenth birthday. My mother has been able to take us on elaborate vacations to Europe and Central America, where we stay in five-star hotels and receive private tours of the ancient cities. Although I have been fortunate enough to grow up in an upper class family, my parents have always taught me to care for…show more content…
In Obama’s last months in office, he signed an executive order stating that states could not stop funding Planned Parenthood or any other free family clinic. Planned Parenthood has been a major point of controversy among politicians because they do provide abortions for women who would like them; however, they do not use federal funding to provide abortions. Instead, the funding for abortions comes from individual donations, while the federal funding is used for STD tests, pregnancy tests, yearly doctor visits, and pap smears. Right-winged politicians, including Trump and his entire administration, choose to ignore these facts. So much so, that Trump has recently signed an executive order overturning the law Obama put into place to protect Planned Parenthood funding. Now, States have the power to choose if they want to defund Planned Parenthood. While I myself have never been to a Planned Parenthood clinic, I know that it is a huge resource for lower class women to get the medical attention that they need. Trump is taking away a resource for women across The United States because he simply does not understand that federal funding is not used for abortions. By doing this, Trump is actively oppressing women and the lower classes by taking away their access to necessary health
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